Forrest T. Jones & Company Launches National Professional Liability Insurance Program

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Kansas City, MO – Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ) announced that it has completed an agreement with Arch Insurance Company to serve as the Program Administrator for Arch’s accountants professional liability insurance program. FTJ will market, underwrite and administer the program under its ProDefender™ product line to CPAs and CPA firms with annual revenues up to $5 million. The program will be offered to eligible accountants on an admitted basis in 28 states. ProDefender’s comprehensive coverage is designed to meet the needs of CPAs and CPA firms performing a…

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First-Time Homeowners Are Still Making These Common Insurance Mistakes

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Buying a property for the first time is confusing as it is. There are a lot of things to understand in order for a first-time buyer to complete the process of purchasing a property smoothly. Of course, finding the right property to buy is only the beginning. First-time homeowners need to complete the necessary steps to secure financing and complete the transfer of ownership. There is another part of that equation, and that is securing a homeowner’s insurance. Buying home insurance for the first time also means doing a lot…

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Investors call for private sector to mobilize against climate change

Despite controversy, the issue of climate change is gaining serious momentum with various industries. During a session of the United Nations last week, a group of investors with a collective $26 trillion under management, took a stand on the issue, claiming that the private sector needs to be more involved in protecting the environment and that no singular government can solve the problem. The collective group is comprised of insurance professionals, government officials and business leaders from all over the world. Few governments have taken the issue of climate change…

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Institute of Medicine submits recommendations for national health care package

The Institute of Medicine, a non-profit independent organization comprised of medical and insurance professionals, has submitted recommendations to the federal government concerning a health care initiative that would make basic benefits available to all Americans. The organization was tasked by Congress to determine action regarding the initiative earlier this year. Researchers have been examining the potential impact the plan would have on the nation’s economy and how it would synergize with the overarching health care law. According to the Institute, such a plan is well worth the effort. According to…

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Disability Insurance Services unveils Great Getaway Giveaway sales contest

The largest disability insurance solution provider in the country, Disability Insurance Services (DIS), has announced the upcoming start of its Great Getaway Giveaway sales contest for financial planners, insurance agents, and independent marketing organizations (IMOs). It will allow DI insurance professionals to win a trip to any destination on the planet and will begin on October 10, running through November 11. Dan Steenerson, the president of Disability Insurance Services, said that the goal of the insurer is to make sure that every American’s paycheck is securely protected. He added that…

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