Allstate Mayhem campaign launches 2018 with a fresh new start

Allstate Mayhem Sugar Bowl

The nationwide insurance company launched a multichannel campaign for its Allstate Sugar Bowl.

The 2018 Allstate Sugar Bowl started the new year with both tradition and a new Allstate Mayhem campaign to get things going in a fresh new way. The insurance company brought a whole different form of omnichannel marketing to the table as viewers pondered their own resolutions.

Allstate Insurance worked with the Leo Burnett Chicago creative agency for the campaign.

The Allstate Mayhem character is turning over a new leaf within this marketing campaign. It is a change over from wreaking havoc to placing a greater focus on promoting safety throughout 2018. The goal is to make sure customers take the steps they need to stop damage and harm from happening in the first place and to know they are covered in case a freak accident happens to them outside their ability to prevent it.

“Of course, believing that Mayhem can turn over a new leaf is as naïve as believing that most people will keep their resolutions all year long,” said Allstate director of social, digital and content strategy, Katherine Roth. “The solution? Make sure you’re better protected with Allstate in 2018,” she added.

The Allstate Mayhem campaign is rolling out in a number of phases over time, having launched yesterday.

Allstate Mayhem  Sugar Bowl It began with #ResolutionsAreMayhem, but will continue to roll out in stages that will reflect the types of behaviors consumers typically take on through their New Year’s resolutions. These include making the resolutions, struggling to keep them and then eventually giving up on achieving those goals.

The first phase was rolled out before the Sugar Bowl’s audience yesterday. It is estimated that nearly 10 million live viewers watched the college football tournament, providing considerable exposure for the insurance company and its marketing campaign. The game featured a number of new commercials starring the Mayhem character, who put the spotlight on some of the most common perils people can face.

The basic message the Allstate Mayhem is hoping to convey is that “No one is perfect, but Allstate is here to keep you and your loved ones safe,” explained the insurer’s brand strategy director, Jennifer Egeland.

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