Ohio insurance industry hit by severe weather

climate change weather storm insurance industry

Recent storms put some financial pressure on insurance companies operating in Ohio Recent storms have had a major impact on the insurance industry in Ohio. Recently, a tornado struck Green County, causing several thousands of dollars in damages. Though insurers do not expect losses to be to the degree of severe storms in the past, the recent storm is yet another blow to the insurance industry, which has begun to show concern for the increase in frequency of natural disasters. Some of these concerns are related to the potential effects…

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Earthquake insurance is too expensive to be worth the risk in California

oklahoma earthquake insurance industry

For many people in the state, the premiums are higher than the perception of the threat. Just over a week ago, the Napa Valley of California was shaken by a 6.0 magnitude tremor that led to surprising amounts of damage, particularly in terms of broken bottles of alcohol, but at the same time, on the whole, homeowners and business owners still feel that earthquake insurance is too expensive to be worthwhile. Even some of the companies most affected were not convinced that insurance coverage would be worth the price. Despite…

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Insurance industry may see more losses due to earthquakes

Oklahoma earthquake insurance coverage

New report highlights the growing risks associated with earthquakes The Insurance Information Institute has released a report predicting that losses associated with earthquakes will continue to rise in the U.S. There are many factors contributing to growing losses, including a higher degree of urban development in areas of the country that are seismically active. Older buildings are also exposed to earthquake damage due to the fact that they do not comply with current building codes. This factors are driving up the financial burden that earthquakes represent for the insurance industry.…

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Earthquake insurance policies held by as few as 6% in Napa, California

sink hole earthquake insurance

Despite the risk that is present in that part of the country, very few homes and businesses are covered. Even though Californians live in a state that is known to be located on active fault lines, the vast majority of residents and business owners still are not buying earthquake insurance. This fact came into the spotlight as a quake shook the Napa Valley region over the weekend. Northern California was shaken by a 6.1 magnitude tremor early on Sunday, taking people in populated areas quite off guard. Fires started, buildings…

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Insurance news reveals that Connecticut is losing its industry share

Insurance news jobs

A new analysis has shown that employment recovery has been occurring nationally, but is declining in the state. The results of a recent analysis making insurance news have shown that while the industry is showing employment improvements across the country, Connecticut’s own share has been on its way down. Jobs within the life insurance sector of the industry have been plummeting in the state for 5 years. Traditionally in Connecticut employment market, the financial and insurance sectors have played very important roles. In fact, Hartford is often the center of…

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Hurricane season preparedness is better than typical in Florida, this year

Florida hurricane insurance rates

The insurance industry is more ready than usual as this year’s highest risk period for the storms begins. This hurricane season, Florida feels that its insurance industry is better prepared than it has been in quite some time, after having enjoyed eight consecutive years in which the massive Atlantic storms have not caused catastrophes within the state. Now that the season for these major storms has begun, the state is ready to see what this year has to offer. The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season got started on June 1 but…

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Insurance industry is seeing a hugely costly winter

insurance industry winter snow ice

Some have said that this will be among the 5 most expensive winters in over 30 years. The Insurance Information Institute has now released its predictions about the costs associated with this last winter for the insurance industry, and has determined that the payments resulting from storms have now reached over $1.5 billion. As this week has shown in many parts of the country, the snowstorms aren’t done for the year. Now, the Verisk Analytics Property Claims Services firm has estimated that there were already about 175,000 claims paid to…

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