Oklahoma lawmakers look to expand liability protection to shelter providers

Lawmakers seek to provide comprehensive liability protection insurance…

Oklahoma-insurance-billLast weekend, a number of powerful tornadoes swept through the state of Oklahoma, as well as its neighbors. According to the National Weather Service, 75 tornadoes touched down throughout the Midwest, many of which caused rampant damage throughout the region, especially in Oklahoma, where a powerful tornado claimed six lives. The total damage of the tornado outbreak is still be assessed by the insurance industry, but the event has spurred Oklahoma lawmakers to develop a comprehensive liability protection policy to help shelter for those that fall victim to natural disasters.

This week, The Oklahoma House of Representatives have begun working on improving the provisions of House Bill 2419. The bill is meant to offer expanded liability protection to those who provide shelter to victims of natural disasters. A similar bill, House Bill 2296, was vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin on grounds of unintended and unforeseeable consequences.

 Lawmakers believe that the legislation will be beneficial for state residents because it will grant them more comprehensive protections will attempting to assist in the wake of natural disasters.

Liability insurance will protect residents from being targeted by lawsuits and similar claims imposed against them by people they may be trying to help. Because of the chaotic nature of natural disasters, providers of shelter cannot account for the full extent of risks that are associated with catastrophes. As such, the Oklahoma Legislature believes that shelter providers should be protected by those that may be looking to take advantage of the state’s judicial system by targeting those that are not well protected. The terms of the liability protection provided by the Oklahoma legislation is not yet clear, but the state believes this to be a priority issue.

In the Midwest U.S., natural disasters have caused extension damage for the past two years.

Last year, the Midwest suffered from another, devastating tornado outbreak which caused extensive damage throughout states like Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. These natural disasters have put more focus on liability protection in the states that typically experience powerful tornadoes. Oklahoma lawmakers hope that expanding liability protection to more people will help the state cope with natural disasters more effectively.

Article: Oklahoma lawmakers look to expand liability protection to shelter providers
Article Source: Live Insurance News
Author: Chris Taylor

Oklahoma lawmakers look to expand liability protection to shelter providers

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