Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 Filing Fees and Costs

You may have taken on too much debt and are now deciding to file bankruptcy. There is a huge difference in the cost of filing for a Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filing fee for Chapter 11 bankruptcy case is $1,717. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 case is $335. Also, a debtor that files under Chapter 11 bankruptcy must pay a Chapter 11 quarterly fee to the United States Trustee. The exact figure is calculated based on the disbursements during the three-month calendar. However, the debtor…

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Missouri homeowners are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance coverage

storm flood homeowners insurance rain

Consumers and businesses alike are being urged to acquire flood insurance Missouri homeowners, business owners, and renters are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance coverage, even if their properties are not located in risk-prone areas. Floods have caused significant damage in the past due to heavy rainfall and powerful storms. In Missouri, those without flood protection are being urged to acquire coverage in order to adequately protect themselves and their properties. Typically, however, the only place for people to find coverage is through the National Flood Insurance Program. Agencies in…

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Missouri officials ban insurance industry from using price optimization

Missouri insurance industry

Department of Insurance bans the use of controversial price optimization practice The Missouri Department of Insurance has officially banned the use of price optimization among insurance providers. Insurance Commissioner John Huff has issued a warning to insurers using this pricing method that they will be faced with severe penalties if they continue to do so. This decision affects the insurance industry in the state, applying to a variety of companies, especially property and casualty insurance companies. Price optimization continues to cause problems for the insurance industry Price optimization has become…

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Grad students in Missouri are losing their health insurance subsidies

health Insurance IRS

Grad students are suffering under some provisions of the Affordable Care Act Grad students from the University of Missouri have lost the health insurance subsidies that they received through the Affordable Care Act. According to the university, grad students are considered by the Internal Revenue Service, which manages federal subsidies for insurance coverage, to be “employees.” As such, many of them are not eligible to receive subsidies from the government. Grad students that have lost access to subsidies may not be able to afford the insurance coverage that they currently…

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Missouri falls behind in mitigate increase in health insurance rates

health insurance deadline enrollment

State has been unable to halt the growth of health insurance premiums Missouri may be falling behind in protecting its residents from significant health insurance rate increases. In 2016, insurance policies are set to become more expensive nationwide due proposals from insurers. Typically, state regulators investigate rate increase proposals in order to determine whether or not they are needed. In Missouri, however, regulators are not tasked to investigate rate proposals. Instead, this burden falls to the federal government, which may be leaving consumers open to significant rate increases that could…

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