Earthquake insurance legislation introduced in Oklahoma

Earthquake Insurance

New legislation may force insurers to honor claims associated with man-made quakes Earthquake insurance is becoming a major issue in Oklahoma. Lawmakers have introduced new legislation that would prevent insurers from denying claims for damage caused by man-made earthquakes. These disasters are becoming increasingly common due to hydraulic fracturing, also called “fracking.” This process is used to harvest natural gas from the earth and has been linked to seismic activity in the state. Lawmakers want to ensure that consumers are adequately protected from such disasters and that their insurance policies…

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Oklahoma’s homeowners insurance sector becomes shrouded in controversy

Oklahoma earthquake insurance coverage

Homeowners claim that insurers are refusing to cover damage caused by earthquakes Controversy has erupted in Oklahoma’s homeowners insurance sector, and earthquakes are part of the problem. Many homeowners have begun issuing complaints that their insurance providers are refusing to cover damage caused by earthquakes. Oklahoma has been rocked by quakes in recent months, with these disasters becoming somewhat more frequent over the past year. Notably, these quakes may be being caused by injection wells, which are used to extract natural gas from the earth. Even homeowners with earthquake insurance…

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Price optimization being used by auto insurance companies in Oklahoma is coming under fire

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State senator aims to put price optimization to rest Oklahoma drivers have been seeing their auto insurance premiums steadily grow over the past few years, and one of the state’s legislators want to put an end to a practice that has contributed to this problem. In Oklahoma, many insurers use price optimization as a way to price coverage, which leverages a consumer’s credit score as a factor in determining premiums. Senator Rob Standridge intends to introduce new legislation that will prevent insurers from using price optimization. Senator to introduce new…

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Earthquakes cause problems for homeowners insurance customers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Earthquake Insurance

Oklahoma homeowners are beginning to feel pressure associated with earthquakes Earthquakes in Oklahoma are beginning to cause some problems for those with homeowners insurance. The Oklahoma Insurance Department notes that many homeowners may be surprised to discover that their homes are not actually protected against earthquakes. The state has been experiencing an increasing frequency of earthquakes in recent years, with some state officials suggesting that tremblers may be linked to the controversial practice of fracking, which involves the use of oil injection wells. Most homeowners may lack the needed earthquake…

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Health insurance premiums are on the rise for policies sold through federal exchanges

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HHS releases information showing premiums are growing throughout the country Premiums for several popular health insurance plans sold through will be going up in 2016. The Department of Health and Human Services has released a “snapshot” of the plans that will be available through the federal exchange gateway, showing that rates are on the rise. On average, rates for the exchange’s most popular plans will be going up by 7.5%, though premiums for some plans will be going up by a larger margin. Some states will see more modest…

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