Top Christmas homeowners insurance claims identified as a caution to consumers

Christmas homeowners insurance claims - House decorated for christmas

Policyholders are advised to learn from the mistakes of others so they won’t be repeated.

Insurers are releasing their lists of top Christmas homeowners insurance claims from previous years. This is meant to be useful information for policyholders who want to make sure they have a claim-free Christmas this year.

The combination of decorations, cooking and drinking can all pose a range of preventable risks.

Insurance companies are hopeful that by educating consumers about the risks, it will help them to make better choices and prevent disaster. In this way, the amount of damage, the chance of injuries and the risk of having to make Christmas homeowners insurance claims can be reduced.

Risks homeowners insurance policyholders face on Christmas include everything from injury to property damage or theft. These can ruin a holiday celebration and be expensive at the same time. Insurance agents and brokers are sharing stats from previous years in the hopes that this holiday will be merry for more of their customers this year.

Here are some of the top types of Christmas homeowners insurance claims from previous years.

• Fire – Fire is easily the biggest risk for property damage on Christmas day. Insurance claims show that fires often start in the kitchen, but aside from that, decorations are to blame. The National Fire Protection Association’s data shows that 40 percent of non-cooking home fires on Christmas are from trees (2011-2015) with lighting or other electrical distribution issues. Fifteen percent was from Christmas tree fires from having a heat source such as a heating vent or space heater too close to the tree. Even playing with fire causes about 6 percent of Christmas tree fires every year, while 8 percent comes from unattended candles. Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day are the top days for home fires in the United States.
• Slips, trips and Falls – At this time of year, there is an increased risk of trips and falls due to ice on walkways, electrical cords or other obstacles on walkways, decorations on stairs or hand rails, or items such as decorations and gifts on the floor. This risk affects people of all ages, though those most likely to end up in the emergency room on Christmas Day from this risk are seniors and children.
• Pet safety – Christmas homeowners insurance claims aren’t the only risks faced inside the home. Dog and cat Christmas homeowners insurance claims - House decorated for christmasowners can avoid having to make a trip to the emergency veterinary clinic or a pet insurance claim by keeping food and decorations out of reach of their pets. It’s also important to be sure that holiday plants are not toxic if consumed.

From all of us at Live Insurance News, have a safe, healthy and very Merry Christmas!

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