Kids Christmas safety tips for happy holidays this year

Kids Christmas safety - Christmas Tree - Presents

This time of year can be extremely exciting for children so make sure it’s safe for them, too.

Festive candles, twinkly lights, gorgeous glass ornaments and decadent desserts are all fun for children, but kids Christmas safety takes several important steps. They’re based on common sense and can make the difference between a festive, happy Christmas and a catastrophe in which someone is hurt or property is damaged.

The right safety tips can keep your little ones and small-sized guests out of danger this year.

Use these kids Christmas safety tips in your home this year to make sure the holidays stay safe and happy. They don’t require any added time or expense, just a bit of thought and care. That said, these extra simple steps are things anyone can do and can make all the difference in ensuring the holidays go smoothly. The last thing anyone wants is for a child to be hurt or for a little one to cause preventable expensive damage.

Try these kids Christmas safety tips this year in time for the big day when Santa comes to town.

• Purchase gifts that meet safety requirements – Shop at reputable retailers and buy only products that have been tested and certified by reputable organizations. Skip counterfeit goods. The prices may be low, but they aren’t made to meet proper safety standards and can be dangerous for kids to play with.
• Select age-appropriate gifts – Toys are marked with appropriate age ranges for a reason. These recommendations can save a child from choking, cutting themselves, poisoning themselves or otherwise hurting themselves. Respect the age recommendation when making a purchase as it was added for a reason.
• Keep candles well out of reach of children – Burning candles, matches, lighters and anything else with a flame should be left well out of reach of children. Even when out of reach, these items should never be in a room with an unattended child.
• Keep walkways and stairways clear – On the big day, it’s easy for floors and stairs to become cluttered. Make an extra effort to keep them clear to avoid dangerous slips and falls.
• Keep kids out of the kitchen – On Christmas, the kitchen is a hectic place to be. When combined with sharp knives and a hot stove and oven, this can place a child at a serious risk of burns and scalds. It takes only a split second for disaster to strike. As a result, it’s best for the littlest ones to stay out of the kitchen altogether.
• Keep alcohol out of reach – Keep glasses and bottles containing alcohol – even a tiny bit at the bottom – well out of reach of children. A very small amount is all that is required to poison a young child. Taking care to keep it out of reach keeps little ones healthy.
• Keep an eye on kids around the Christmas tree – It doesn’t take much for a kid to take hold of a branch, crawl Kids Christmas safety - Christmas Tree - Presentsunderneath or attempt to climb a Christmas tree. This can spell disaster as it will most certainly topple the tree and can smash glass ornaments hanging from it. Set up the tree in a place that is only accessible to little ones while supervised.

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