Top Christmas homeowners insurance claims identified as a caution to consumers

Christmas homeowners insurance claims - House decorated for christmas

Policyholders are advised to learn from the mistakes of others so they won’t be repeated. Insurers are releasing their lists of top Christmas homeowners insurance claims from previous years. This is meant to be useful information for policyholders who want to make sure they have a claim-free Christmas this year. The combination of decorations, cooking and drinking can all pose a range of preventable risks. Insurance companies are hopeful that by educating consumers about the risks, it will help them to make better choices and prevent disaster. In this way,…

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Kids Christmas safety tips for happy holidays this year

Kids Christmas safety - Christmas Tree - Presents

This time of year can be extremely exciting for children so make sure it’s safe for them, too. Festive candles, twinkly lights, gorgeous glass ornaments and decadent desserts are all fun for children, but kids Christmas safety takes several important steps. They’re based on common sense and can make the difference between a festive, happy Christmas and a catastrophe in which someone is hurt or property is damaged. The right safety tips can keep your little ones and small-sized guests out of danger this year. Use these kids Christmas safety…

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Choosing and caring for a problem-free Christmas tree

When it comes to real Christmas trees, the “snowflake” rule applies: no two are alike. This means that it takes a little bit of knowledge to understand how to choose the right one and how to care for it in order to make sure that it will last as long as possible and that it will remain safe throughout the holiday season. Assistant vice president Lisa Melton of Amica Insurance said that while nothing tops the authenticity of a real Christmas tree’s feel, look, and smell, “they require extra care…

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