The cost of health insurance for low income families

Health Insurance CostAlthough the Affordable Healthcare for America Act by the Obama administration was created in order to make certain that a larger number of Americans will have access to health insurance, many are finding that the premiums are still too costly to be able to afford them.

The Act has already gone through some significant improvements since its first creation, especially in terms of Medicare, as it has assisted in lowering those costs. That said, many Americans are still struggling to afford their current health insurance rates or remain without any coverage at all. Among Americans, 9 percent are currently paying a monthly premium of $500 to $1000 out of their own pocket for their health insurance coverage.

Medicare is meant to help certain people, such as the disabled, the elderly, and low-income family children. In order to comply with the affordable healthcare act, industry experts are recommending that people within those groups and who do not already have health insurance should first check into whether or not they may be eligible for this or other similar types of program.

Other options also exist, such as not-for-profit groups that can help to provide coverage for people who have a gap in their current coverage, or who lost their health insurance when they were laid off from their employment.

Another way to keep costs down might be going with a high deductible health plan and consider filling in the gap with a supplemental health insurance policy. There are critical illness insurance coverages that will pay policy holders in the event of cancer, stroke and even some accident coverage. These types of plans can be low cost and save you money when bundled with a high deductible health insurance policy.

In the case that families must go the traditional route for obtaining health insurance – that is, to contact an insurance company and pay the monthly premiums for a policy – it is highly recommended that several options be researched and that many free rate quotes be compared among the various insurers to consider the costs and what they cover. This action may reveal that there are some affordable opportunities available that will provide adequate coverage for what is required.

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