Smart steps in addressing financial difficulties

financial difficulites tips for relief

People can experience financial difficulties due to various factors such as unexpected expenses, job loss or income reduction, poor financial planning, excessive debt, and rising living costs. These factors can disrupt financial stability, strain budgets, and make it challenging to meet financial obligations. Additionally, lack of financial literacy and economic factors beyond an individual’s control can contribute to financial difficulties. It is essential to understand these factors and develop strategies to address them effectively, including budgeting, debt management, and building emergency savings.  Dealing with financial difficulties can be challenging, but…

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Live Insurance News Invites Industry Experts to The Prosperity Algorithm

live webinar the prosperity algorithm

This live webinar with Jason Fladlien provides a meaningful strategy foundation. Insurance agents – and business people in a spectrum of other industries – are registering for the free webinar called The Prosperity Algorithm with Jason Fladlien in their pursuit of business success that steps beyond just money and wealth. This webinar looks to money and wealth as components of the much broader achievement of prosperity. Though The Prosperity Algorithm is geared toward any type of industry, insurance agents and brokers have found it particularly appealing. The webinar, which takes…

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Why Small Businesses should Provide Life Insurance

life insurance companies

For many small businesses, providing life insurance for their employees can be a costly endeavor. Without an adequate amount of funding, insuring the entire staff can really eat up the budget, which creates a slew of other problems if not handled correctly. However, as expensive as life insurance may be, offering it to your employees proves advantageous in many ways. Security Life insurance not only keeps your employees safe and secure, but you as well. As a business owner, you’re liable for the well-being of your staff, and if an…

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Using social media marketing for your insurance business

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents1

It’s hard to think of a person who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media sites that have become immensely popular around the globe. This makes it easy to understand why insurance agency owners and agents are continually being advised to take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is that it is easier to decide to use social media marketing than it is to know what to say. Users of social media networks will like, follow, or even share virtually any topic that they…

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Easy Insurance Prospecting Ideas

Insurance Prospecting Networking Club

A Consistent Insurance Prospecting Plan Will Help Your Agency! Keeping your current insurance clients happy should be your number one goal as an insurance agent, but you also have to keep channels open at all times for new leads or prospects. Prospecting for clients is a complicated endeavor, but it is one that you must partake in. Insurance clients can be long term, but today many jump around to find better prices. Keep your current customers happy, but save time to build up interest and look for new ones as…

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