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A Consistent Insurance Prospecting Plan Will Help Your Agency!

Keeping your current insurance clients happy should be your number one goal as an insurance agent, but you also have to keep channels open at all times for new leads or prospects. Prospecting for clients is a complicated endeavor, but it is one that you must partake in. Insurance clients can be long term, but today many jump around to find better prices. Keep your current customers happy, but save time to build up interest and look for new ones as well.

General insurance prospecting should be done right in your own community.

Get yourself out there to community events like fairs, carnivals, large craft shows, charity events and walks, and any other type of event where people in your community gather together. Get out there and talk about current insurance topics and problems and how you, as an agent, can help consumers overcome these problems. Topics like health care are hot right now, but everyone needs some type of insurance. Be knowledgeable about all of the types of insurance you sell as related to current events.

You should also think about prospecting in relation to new businesses in your area.

A new small business is going to need all types of insurance, including healthcare and life insurance policies. Small business owners have a lot going on and they can have trouble understanding everything they have to do. This is when you come in and make it easy for them. You may even want to have a new business brochure that outlines the types of insurance a new company needs to have and what you have to offer them. Don’t be pushy, but instead be kind, helpful, and offer your services should they so choose to go with you.

Take advantage of networks. Insurance Prospecting Networking Club

There are local, community networks through which you can find a lot of potential clients. There are always events for your local Chamber of Commerce or a business owner’s association. Find members of your community that also have a client base like yours, such as a real estate agent, to help you network and then do the same for them. As well as referral clubs that meet once or twice a month. A fairly large association called LeTip, with lots of small business owners like yourself, all looking to increase exposure. Do not forget about social networking. Do research on using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, and many more. Use them to reach potential clients in new and fun ways. Don’t forget about blogs and websites. These are powerful tools when linked up with social media for prospecting new insurance clientele.

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