Using social media marketing for your insurance business

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents1

It’s hard to think of a person who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media sites that have become immensely popular around the globe. This makes it easy to understand why insurance agency owners and agents are continually being advised to take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is that it is easier to decide to use social media marketing than it is to know what to say. Users of social media networks will like, follow, or even share virtually any topic that they…

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Auto insurance frustration spawns new legislation in Connecticut

connecticut auto insurance

Lawmakers continue to grow frustrated over lack of compliance with auto insurance laws Connecticut lawmakers have been expressing frustration when it comes to the state’s ban on talking and texting on mobile devices while driving. The law is meant to cut down on activities that could distract drivers and cause accidents, but many drivers have chosen to ignore the law entirely. This has caused lawmakers to consider a more aggressive approach on the matter by highlighting the financial aspects of car accidents. Legislators believe that the prospect of higher auto…

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Florida homeowners insurance bill passes this week

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Lawmakers pass bill concerning Citizens and homeowners insurance Florida lawmakers having been toiling over legislation concerning Citizens Property Insurance and the state’s homeowners insurance market. Senate Bill 1770, as it is called, has been a controversial issue for the state’s Legislature. The original iteration of the bill would have introduced significant changes to Citizens Property Insurance, which accounts for the majority of homeowners insurance policies in the state. The bill would have forced the state-run insurer to raise rates on coverage, a provision that proved unpopular among the general population.…

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Insurance industry in the Philippines shows promising growth

Philippines Insurance Industry

First quarter provides momentum to insurance industry The global insurance industry has shown some promise during the beginning of 2013. The industry, as a whole, has been struggling to overcome the challenges it faced over the past few years, many of which came at the hands of unexpectedly powerful natural disasters. In the Philippines, new reports from Emmanuel F. Dooc, Insurance Commissioner of the Philippines, suggest that the first quarter of 2013 was very beneficial for the country’s insurance industry. Commissioner Dooc provided his report to a recent United Nations…

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Health insurance being extended to those with addiction problems

health addiction insurance

New rule offers health insurance coverage to addicts In the ongoing effort to expand health insurance coverage in the U.S., a new rule has been introduced to the Affordable Care Act. The rule is designed make some 3 million people with drug and alcohol addiction problems eligible for health insurance coverage. While addiction has been considered a medical issue for the past 60 years, only a fraction of the money spent in health care in the U.S. goes toward providing medical care for those struggling with addiction. Coverage being expanded…

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