Allstate insurance roadside assistance selected for Lyft drivers

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The insurer’s services have now been chosen to assist drivers from this large rideshare program. Rideshare company, Lyft, has now selected the roadside assistance program from Allstate Insurance to help to provide its drivers with protection, as an additional feature for motorists who will be using their cars to transport customers from point A to point B. Drivers will now be receiving Allstate Roadside Services (ARS), as a part of its advantages for working with Lyft. Allstate Insurance offers one of the leading programs for roadside assistance through its ARS…

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Allstate Insurance survey finds drivers’ greatest fear

Allstate insurance technology

According to a survey of motorists, they are most afraid of having their car break down and having to wait for help. The roadside services program from Allstate Insurance recently conducted a survey of drivers and found that their greatest fear is to experience a breakdown that causes them to have to wait at the side of the road for help to arrive. Being stranded in an unfamiliar area causes the highest amount of anxiety among drivers. The Allstate Roadside Services research determined that among the motorists who participated in…

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Auto Insurance Add-Ons That Are Actually Worth the Extra Money

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When it comes to deciding on auto insurance for your vehicle it’s important to thoroughly consider each policy type before jumping to make a decision. Insurance premiums can be a big chunk of change out of your bank account each month, but unfortunately, car accidents are an everyday occurrence around the world, and getting caught without coverage can mean big trouble. You definitely don’t want to cut corners when it comes to making sure you have all of the insurance you need. Even if certain add-ons are going to cost…

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Mechanical breakdown insurance can cover the cost of vehicle repairs

Mechanical breakdown insurance is a form of supplementary insurance to a regular auto insurance policy that can help to pay for repairs to a car that can be required over the years. The price of unexpected auto repairs can be very costly and can throw off a person’s ability to stick to a budget or keep to a financial plan. By investing in the additional coverage provided by mechanical breakdown insurance, customers can make their expenses much more predictable and reduce the risk of unexpected costs that they cannot afford.…

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Electric Insurance Company releases new mobile app

The Electric Insurance Company has unveiled their new mobile app called Always On, which will help its customers to gain access to a number of self-service features through the use of their Apple smartphone or tablet device. This app is designed for ease of use and allows policyholders to quickly submit an auto claim, exchange insurance information with another person, check the status of coverage, call for services relating to roadside assistance, schedule an appointment for glass repair, as well as many other features. It also includes a unique feature…

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