Allstate insurance roadside assistance selected for Lyft drivers

allstate auto insurance

The insurer’s services have now been chosen to assist drivers from this large rideshare program.

Rideshare company, Lyft, has now selected the roadside assistance program from Allstate Insurance to help to provide its drivers with protection, as an additional feature for motorists who will be using their cars to transport customers from point A to point B.

Drivers will now be receiving Allstate Roadside Services (ARS), as a part of its advantages for working with Lyft.

Allstate Insurance offers one of the leading programs for roadside assistance through its ARS program. Through this feature, Lyft drivers will have added assistance available to them if they should find themselves broken down on the side of the road. According to Pam Dufour, the president of Allstate Roadside Services, “We’re very excited and honored to be selected as Lyft’s new U.S. roadside assistance provide.” Durour went on to say that “We’re committed to delivering exceptional service for all drivers of Lyft and their roadside assistance needs.”

So far, the Allstate Insurance roadside assistance program hasn’t received a call, but they are prepared.

auto car allstate insuranceThough the vehicles are required to be well maintained in order to work for Lyft, it is always best to be prepared if a breakdown should ever occur. Now, drivers will be able to call Allstate Roadside Services in order to receive fuel delivery, a battery jump, a tire change, or a tow, when needed.

Rideshare services have become a central part of the lifestyles of many people who are living in American urban centers, and these programs are always evolving in order to ensure that both drivers and customers will be able to receive a positive experience. The vice president of partnerships at Lyft, Oliver Hsiang, pointed out that it has taken Lyft only three years to become “an integral part of Americans’ everyday transportation needs.” He also explained that “We are thrilled to see industry leaders like Allstate at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to protect drivers and passengers.”

Allstate Insurance offers a well established feature through its ARS, which has already been providing roadside assistance to its drivers for more than half a century.

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