Electric Insurance Company releases new mobile app

Insurance and TechnologyThe Electric Insurance Company has unveiled their new mobile app called Always On, which will help its customers to gain access to a number of self-service features through the use of their Apple smartphone or tablet device.

This app is designed for ease of use and allows policyholders to quickly submit an auto claim, exchange insurance information with another person, check the status of coverage, call for services relating to roadside assistance, schedule an appointment for glass repair, as well as many other features.

It also includes a unique feature that is quite innovative, in that it helps customers to locate an electric vehicle charging station. According to the vice president of sales and marketing for Electric Insurance Company, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on the roads in the United States, and General Electric will soon have a sizeable fleet of these vehicles. “As a GE affiliate company and provider of its fleet insurance, it’s a given that we should provide an easy way to find a charging station.”

As Electric Insurance will be opening its own electric vehicle charging station in 2012, the app will also soon be providing directions to that location as well. It will be called the GE WattStation, and it will be available both to the policyholders with the company and the public in general.

Tom Stumpek, the CIO at Electric Insurance, has focused on emphasizing the development of apps for mobile devices. He said that being able to provide partners and policyholders with mobile commerce solutions is an essential strategy in the business. He added that anytime tools available online give them the opportunity to take action precisely when it is needed, and gives the insurer a significant service advantage.

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