Allstate Insurance survey finds drivers’ greatest fear

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According to a survey of motorists, they are most afraid of having their car break down and having to wait for help.

The roadside services program from Allstate Insurance recently conducted a survey of drivers and found that their greatest fear is to experience a breakdown that causes them to have to wait at the side of the road for help to arrive.

Being stranded in an unfamiliar area causes the highest amount of anxiety among drivers.

The Allstate Roadside Services research determined that among the motorists who participated in the survey who had experienced problems while driving, 47 percent felt helpless and overwhelmed. Allstate Insurance also said that 62 percent had said that they had felt anxious from the experience. Another 52 percent said that they felt angry, while 36 percent had said that they were afraid. A full 40 percent said that their immediate inclination was to call roadside assistance or a tow truck in order to receive help.

The Allstate Insurance survey results were released in conjunction with the introduction of a new roadside solution.

Allstate insuranceThe Allstate Roadside Services has now unveiled their new digital solution that is designed to help to ease drivers who are stranded, as it makes it simpler for them to be able to obtain the assistance that they require. This is being released in the form of a mobile app called the Good Hand RescueSM. Aside from the app, the service is also available through a new website that gives drivers rapid access to a roadside assistance request service.

This option is available anywhere in the United States for smartphone users. In fact, it is available to customers regardless of whether or not they are customers at Allstate.

According to Allstate Roadside Services president, Pam Dufour, “Allstate is leading the way in the digital evolution of the roadside industry.” Dufour also added that “Mobile devices are part of most Americans’ everyday lives. The Good Hands Rescue mobile app and website leverage technology to connect people with roadside services using their smartphones. We’re making it easy for people to do business with us anytime, anywhere and in any way.”

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