British insurers are tackling insurance fraud more effectively

insurance fraud

Insurance fraud continues to be a problem for the industry, but insurers are fighting back Insurance fraud has been a problem that insurers have been dealing with for nearly as long as the industry has existed. Over the past few years, fraud has become a much more significant problem, however, as fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated and insurers are becoming more exposed to extreme financial losses. Insurers are doing what they can to combat fraud, however, and are becoming more adept at weeding it out and identifying those responsible.…

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Florida continues to fight insurance fraud

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Law enforcement is looking for fake auto insurance cards in order to catch those that are committing fraud Law enforcement in Florida are beginning to grow more aggressive when it comes to fighting insurance fraud. Officers in Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, and Medley took to the streets recently in order to find those that are using fake auto insurance cards. Law enforcement has been tasked with fighting fraud in Florida, where it has become a significant problem for the auto insurance industry. Insurance fraud is a national problem, according to the…

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Minnesota set to fight insurance fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud

Lawmakers are taking steps to fight fraud in the insurance sector Lawmakers in Minnesota are beginning to focus on ways to cut down on insurance fraud. According to state officials, many people come to the state in order to exploit loopholes that exist in current laws, hoping for financial gain on fake medical claims and targeting other insurance sectors. Lawmakers are now drafting legislation that would provide the state’s Commerce Department with an anti-fraud unit, which would work to combat insurance fraud in Minnesota. New anti-fraud unit will help combat…

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New Jersey Turnpike scam makes insurance news when adjuster sentenced

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The scandal was worth an estimated $900,000 and the man from Little Falls will go to prison for almost 3 years. An adjuster from Little Falls is making insurance news after having been sentenced to almost three years in jail for having schemed with a New Jersey Turnpike manager to trick insurers and the authority out of an estimated total of approximately $900,000. Back in September, Roberto Napolitano gave a guilty plea for a charge of fraud, and he has now been sentenced. The adjuster in this insurance news case,…

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Severe storm could lead to insurance fraud in Florida

Homeowners insurance fraud storm prevention and claims

Storm-struck Jacksonville could see a spike in insurance fraud in the coming weeks A severe storm struck the Jacksonville, Florida, area earlier this week, causing significant damage to many properties. The majority of this damage was caused to roofs, which may present a major problem for those that fell victim to the storm. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters has issued a warning to those affected by the storm, cautioning them against fake insurance adjusters. In the wake of major storms, fraudulent adjusters often seek to take advantage of…

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