Florida continues to fight insurance fraud

auto insurance fraud accident

Law enforcement is looking for fake auto insurance cards in order to catch those that are committing fraud

Law enforcement in Florida are beginning to grow more aggressive when it comes to fighting insurance fraud. Officers in Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, and Medley took to the streets recently in order to find those that are using fake auto insurance cards. Law enforcement has been tasked with fighting fraud in Florida, where it has become a significant problem for the auto insurance industry. Insurance fraud is a national problem, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, but some states are more susceptible to fraud than others.

Fake insurance cards are getting more sophisticated and harder to detect

According to Hialeah Police, those with printers and computers can download fake insurance cards that are designed to look as real as possible. Hialeah Police spokesman Carl Zogby suggests that people can get away with this fraud temporarily, but the consequences of insurance fraud are quite severe. As fraud becomes more sophisticated, it is becoming more difficult to detect and fight. The most recent fraudulent cards that have appeared in Florida are very well made, making it difficult to determine whether or not they are actually fake.

Insurance fraud is a costly problem for consumers and businesses alike

auto insurance fraud accidentInsurance fraud in Florida is having a wider impact on consumers. When fraud is committed, it represents a significant loss for an insurance company. In order to recover from losses relating to fraud, insurers often raise premiums, placing honest consumers under more financial pressure. According to United Auto Insurance, drivers are paying as much as $300 more for their auto insurance coverage every year due to fraud.

States are beginning to take greater measures in order to effectively fight insurance fraud

Fighting insurance fraud has become a national issue. States that have so called “no-fault” auto insurance laws are particularly affected by the growing impact of fraudulent activity. Other states are taking steps to introduce new legislation that would offer more resources to agencies that are actively fighting against insurance fraud.

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