New Jersey Turnpike scam makes insurance news when adjuster sentenced

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The scandal was worth an estimated $900,000 and the man from Little Falls will go to prison for almost 3 years.

An adjuster from Little Falls is making insurance news after having been sentenced to almost three years in jail for having schemed with a New Jersey Turnpike manager to trick insurers and the authority out of an estimated total of approximately $900,000.

Back in September, Roberto Napolitano gave a guilty plea for a charge of fraud, and he has now been sentenced.

The adjuster in this insurance news case, was 55 year old Robert Napolitano, who took part in a scam in which funds were stolen when they were supposed to have been used for Turnpike property repairs following damage that was caused by motorists. According to federal prosecutors, the insurance adjuster was a part of a conspiracy with Gerardo Blasi, a Turnpike claims manager. Napolitano was the owner of Dawn to Dusk LLC and worked with Blasi, who was responsible for billing insurers when Turnpike property had been damaged.

The insurance news began when funds were requested for damage, but when they were paid to Napolitano and Blasi.

fraud liability insurance news industryThe insurance fraud started back in October 2011, when Napolitano was the adjuster who evaluated the damages that was caused by a motorist, would then form an estimate that he would use for the negotiations with insurance companies so that the repair amount and payment could be determined. At the request of Napolitano, the checks from the insurers were made payable to his company, Dusk to Dawn, said the prosecutors in the case. When the checks were received, the adjustor and the Turnpike claims manager would each share a portion of the funds.

The prosecutors explained that sometimes the two would take part of the money and send the rest to the Turnpike authority, but there were several occasions in which they kept the full amount. According to those prosecutors, those involved in this insurance fraud defrauded the insurers and the authority out of an amount that almost reached $900,000.

Napolitano’s scam in insurance news has come to somewhat of a conclusion with the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Kevin McNulty, who has sentenced him to three years of supervised release after two years and eight months in jail. Blasi has already been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after pleading guilty back in November.

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