New FEMA maps may lead to more flood insurance policy sales

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A higher number of homeowners may soon find themselves being required to purchase coverage. In Tennessee, many homeowners who have never had to purchase a flood insurance policy before might find that situation changing. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has updated its flood maps and in certain counties, this has meant considerable change. For instance, in Davidson county, Tennessee, over 4,400 properties are newly considered to be in high risk zones. This means that thousands of property owners are also finding themselves in need of a flood insurance policy…

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Flood insurance revisions may be more lax for New Jersey

new jersey flood insurance

New Jersey facing down flood insurance changes coming from FEMA Earlier this month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced revisions to its flood maps that could have severe implications for many properties in New Jersey. The revisions were spurred by the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which caused widespread flooding in New Jersey, particularly in areas that had not been prone to floods in previous years. The flood maps are meant to assess the risks of certain properties and are often used to dictate the price of flood insurance coverage. FEMA’s…

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Homeowners insurance may spike in New Jersey

New Jersey Homeonwers Insurance Rates

New FEMA flood maps may have a drastic impact on homeowners insurance rates The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is revising its flood maps for 2013, and this may have a drastic impact on homeowners insurance, especially in the East Coast, where many homeowners are still struggling to recover from the impact of Hurricane Sandy. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie, who has levied harsh criticism against FEMA for its handling of Hurricane Sandy, is now warning state residents that they could see their homeowners insurance rates spike in…

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Flood insurance could soon be mandatory for 35,000 property owners in New York

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FEMA introduces revised flood maps that could expand flood insurance requirements The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has introduced new flood maps for the East Coast U.S. this week that could force many property owners and businesses to purchase flood insurance coverage. The federal agency has been working to revise flood maps over the past two years, addressing some of the emerging threats that have been brought to light by powerful storms, such as Hurricane Sandy. These storms have caused widespread flooding in many parts of the East Coast and…

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Flood insurance to be mandatory for thousands of Connecticut residents

Flood Insurance

Connecticut homeowners face new flood insurance requirements Thousands of Connecticut residents are expected to feel the weight of mandatory flood insurance coverage in the coming months. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is currently drafting new flood maps for the entire U.S. coastline. This is part of an ongoing effort to understand and mitigate the risks associated with rising sea levels. New flood maps change the risks some properties face in regards to floods. According to FEMA, homes in high risk areas are required to be covered by flood insurance…

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