Flash Flooding Causes Serious Damage in Northern Colorado: AIR Worldwide

Flood Insurance News

According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, three days of intense rainfall in many areas of Colorado has resulted in severe, widespread flooding and collapsed homes. The greatest threat is to cities along the Front Range, including the city of Boulder and parts of the Denver metropolitan area. Essentially all water bodies in these areas including ditches, canals, and streams are at capacity with many of them at flood levels. Several roads have been washed away and highways blocked due to landslides, hampering rescue attempts. “Severe flooding began during the…

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Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall On Newfoundland and Quickly Becomes Post-Tropical

BOSTON, Sept. 17, 2011 – According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, Extratropical Storm Maria made landfall as a minimal Category 1 hurricane on Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula near Cape Pine on Friday afternoon about 4:00 pm local time (2:30 pm EDT) after a long journey off the entire coastline of eastern North America. By the time of the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC) 5:00 pm (EDT) Advisory on Friday, Maria already had crossed the peninsula and entered the waters of the north Atlantic. “It was moving at nearly 60 mph and…

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AIR Estimates Insured Losses from Tropical Storm Talas to Be Between 150 million and 600 million

BOSTON, Sept. 7, 2011 — Catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide estimates that insured losses from Tropical Storm Talas will be between JPY 12 billion (USD 150 million) and JPY 46 billion (USD 600 million). Talas is the season’s 12th named storm, the seventh severe tropical storm and the fifth typhoon of the 2011 Pacific typhoon season. “Tropical Storm Talas came ashore at Kochi Prefecture on Japan’s Shikoku island-the smallest and least populated of the country’s four main islands-at roughly 6 am local time Saturday, September 3,” said Dr. Peter Sousounis,…

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