States rally against health care reform, petition Supreme Court to solve the problem

Health Care Reform NewsTwenty-six states and several small business advocacy groups have officials petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the issue of the Affordable Care Act. The states are urging federal judges to strike down the entirety of the law, ruling every provision as unconstitutional. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law last year, was meant to bring sweeping changes to the nation’s health care system, but the law has, thus far, succeeded only in spawning a great deal of controversy and opposition.

The health care law, once fully enacted in 2014, will have major implications on the political, legal and financial landscape of the nation. New regulations birthed from the law will change the way people obtain health insurance and how that insurance protects them. The insurance industry will be making major changes to accommodate the law, with the majority of these changes costing insurers a great deal of money. The law would also see states establish and operate their own health insurance exchanges, virtual marketplaces where consumers can find affordable insurance policies.

The Supreme Court is likely to be divided on the issue, which will delay the fate of the law for some time. It is likely that the court will rule against certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act rather than rule the entire law as unconstitutional.

The opponents of the law are urging the Supreme Court to take up the issue when the next judicial session begins on October 20th.

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