State Farm Insurance company loses Katrina fraud verdict from Supreme Court

State Farm Insurance

Two whistleblowers have had their victory upheld by the top court in the United States. This week, the Supreme Court upheld a ruling against State Farm Insurance firm. The insurer has been found guilty of defrauding the U.S. government following Hurricane Katrina. The top court upheld a jury verdict that said the insurance company fraudulently assessed damage from the 2005 storm. The Supreme Court’s ruling was a unanimous 8-0 to uphold the verdict from the lower court. The State Farm insurance company challenged the decision of a lower court. That…

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2015 brings more changes to health insurance in the US

US Supreme court ruling health insurance

A new year means that new provisions of the Affordable Care Act will be enacted The new year has arrived and that means that there will be more changes to the United State’s health care system. The new year means that more provisions of the Affordable Care Act will become active, which could be beneficial for some consumers, but somewhat difficult for businesses to cope with. This year, employers will have to adhere to new health insurance regulations. Consumers will also face some tax changes, as they will now be…

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Wal-Mart expands health insurance benefits

Walmart auto insurance

Retailer takes a bold step on health insurance Retail giant Wal-Mart has announced that it will begin offering health insurance benefits to the domestic partners of its U.S. employees next year. The retailer is following the lead of several other large companies that have been expanding health insurance benefits in recent months. The company will also begin offering vision care to eligible employees and their dependents. This move could be a major boon for many people in the U.S. who depend on the health insurance coverage Wal-Mart provides them with.…

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Affordable Care Act continues to generate controversy

Birth Control insurance

Affordable Care Act again draws attention from Supreme Court due to contraception provision Through the Affordable Care Act has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, the drama surrounding the federal health care reform tax penalty has yet to dissipate. Several states still stand in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, despite the ruling of the Supreme Court, which is creating significant tension in Congress. Now, the Supreme Court has returned to the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act with a new ruling on one of the law’s key provisions.…

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Affordable Care Act continues to cause controversy

homeowners insurance policy multiple claims

Potential problems begin to emerge for the Affordable Care Act There is no shortage of controversy when it comes to the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. The federal law was passed in 2010 and has been the crux of political conflict ever since then, with many politicians claiming that it oversteps the federal government’s boundaries in terms of authority. Earlier this year, the law made its way to the Supreme Court, where Justices debated the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and its various provisions. Though the Justices showed…

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