7 Crucial Steps to Secure Your Home for a Hurricane

hurricane preparedness tips

Hurricane season is no joke for millions of homeowners that live in high-risk areas like Florida and other east-coast states. In 2020, the season was so severe that the designated list of named storms was used up, and officials had to start naming the remaining storms using the Greek alphabet. This year could be worse.

Preparing your family and home to survive a deadly hurricane season should be a priority. Hurricanes can change direction or increase in severity in just moments making it essential to have a plan in place early.

If you aren’t sufficiently prepared, the damage from a hurricane can be catastrophic. To avoid having to call in a TSO Adjustment Service to help you make an insurance claim after a hurricane, it’s best to be ready for a storm before it hits. Let’s look at a few crucial ways to prep your home for hurricane season.

Storm Kit

A standard hurricane kit should be filled with essential items that will help your family survive for up to 72 hours if your power goes out. Your kit should be packed and ready at all times in a watertight plastic container. Here are some essential items to include in your Storm Kit:

  • First aid kit including any critical prescription medications
  • Batteries
  • Emergency blankets
  • Whistle
  • Flashlights
  • Candles
  • Water
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Propane grill and tanks
  • Battery operated or crank radio
  • Garbage bags
  • Pet food
  • Toiletries
  • Important documents, including insurance information

hurricane preparedness


Your home doesn’t need to be in the direct path of a hurricane to sustain damage or experience a loss of power. In many cases, you may lose all power and utilities for several days. Having a generator ready will keep you connected, give you lights and power uninterrupted.

Stow Outdoor Furniture

When you know that a hurricane is heading your way, it’s time to start gathering up and storing your outdoor equipment and furniture. Not only can a hurricane ruin anything that is stored outside, but it can also quickly turn any loose items into flying debris that can damage to your home.

Secure Doors and Windows

You will want to create a solid home defense against a hurricane storm surge. Covering your windows and securing your doors can help to minimize your home damage. Using plywood to cover your windows or securing your shutters is a priority when a storm is coming.

Unplug Appliances

If you lose power to your home during a hurricane, you should unplug all appliances. When the power comes back on, you can experience a surge in electricity that can fry anything that is plugged into a socket and even start a fire.

Insurance Documents

Along with important paperwork like your home mortgage and your family’s personal identification, you should have your insurance documents ready. It’s very possible that you will have to make some sort of an insurance claim following a hurricane, and you will need all your information on hand to complete your paperwork.

Pet Prep

Pets can be particularly vulnerable during a hurricane emergency. Although pets are a beloved part of most families, having the things they need on hand is often overlooked in an emergency. Set up an emergency supply of pet food, litter, and medications for your pet before the storm sets in. Never leave your pet outdoors, even in a kennel during a hurricane. Make sure that your pet has an I.D. tag on their collar or have them chipped in case they get lost during the storm. 

Experiencing a hurricane can be very stressful and traumatic. Being prepared to protect your home and family by following these tips can help you to weather the storm.

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