Will New Legislation Lure Property Insurance Providers Back to California?

california property insurance

California’s Property Insurance Landscape through the Disaster Resiliency and Coverage Act In a significant move to address the growing challenges facing the property insurance market in California, Bay Area congressional representatives are spearheading an initiative designed to entice property insurance companies back into the state. Spearheaded by US Rep. Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena), the proposed bipartisan legislation seeks to mitigate insurance carriers’ losses by offering property owners financial incentives to enhance their emergency preparedness. Dubbed the Disaster Resiliency and Coverage Act (House Resolution 7849), the legislation was unveiled on Thursday…

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7 Crucial Steps to Secure Your Home for a Hurricane

hurricane preparedness tips

Hurricane season is no joke for millions of homeowners that live in high-risk areas like Florida and other east-coast states. In 2020, the season was so severe that the designated list of named storms was used up, and officials had to start naming the remaining storms using the Greek alphabet. This year could be worse. Preparing your family and home to survive a deadly hurricane season should be a priority. Hurricanes can change direction or increase in severity in just moments making it essential to have a plan in place…

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National Preparedness Month underway amidst hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes

National Preparedness Month - Emergency Response

Community leaders, scientists and the insurance industry are hoping people will inform themselves about being prepared. National Preparedness Month is more than halfway through and it feels as though Mother Nature is reminding us of its importance. Traditionally, the insurance industry, scientists and community leaders try to convince people of the importance of being prepared. This year, the news headlines of regularly occurring natural disasters seems to be doing the job. The entire point to National Preparedness Month is to learn about the types of emergencies that could happen within…

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Apocalypse insurance becomes popular among ultra-wealthy Americans

apocalypse insurance

Technology billionaires have been reportedly purchasing this additional method of protecting themselves. Tech billionaires are reportedly looking beyond traditional coverage as they buy up “apocalypse insurance” as a way to survive if the worst should happen. The super-rich in America have reportedly investing in various forms of protection if civilization should ever crumble. The Doomsday Clock was just moved forward by another 30 seconds, bringing us two and a half minutes to midnight. While still highly unlikely, society as we know it is closer to crumbling as a result of…

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Insurance company provides communities with catastrophe preparedness education

Allstate Insurance company

The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light are taking a multi-city tour to help families to be ready. No matter how much we don’t like to think about them, disasters do happen, and the Allstate insurance company has taken part in a tour of several cities, as its foundation works along with Points of Light to provide communities with education about catastrophes and how they can prepare themselves in the event that they actually occur. As many disasters occur without any warning, it’s important for preparation to happen in advance.…

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