Pet insurance saves dog owners from expenses after the animals consume strange objects

Pet Insurance NewsEmbrace Pet Insurance has released the results of the analysis of its own data that has looked into claims worth over $1,000 that resulted from pets consuming inedible items that included everything from street drugs to razor blades.

In a recent release, the insurer identified the top 5 oddest items that pets have consumed, as well as the costs that were associated with their insurance claims. The insurer receives more than a thousand claims of this nature every year. The lowest cost for the claims last year was $32, while the most expensive was $3,000.

According to the co-founder and CEO of the insurance company, Laura Bennett, it is inevitable that pets will get into some mischief, and though their owners might take every precaution to help keep those animals from getting hurt while they’re on those escapades, “this list just goes to show that the dangers and risks to our pet’s health often go beyond the boundaries of our imagination.” She added that she’s pleased to know that the pets that topped the report’s list all survived their experiences.

Among the strangest stories in the report included:

• A Golden Retriever named Isabella, who had the most expensive claim when she became ill after being intoxicated with THC, marijuana’s active ingredient. The claim cost $1,475.50.

• A mixed breed dog named Daisy also ingested the drug after eating cookies that contained it, for a claim worth $553.

• Though dogs were responsible for most of the list, a Russian Blue cat named Sappho also made it into a report when it consumed part of a bra strap, leading to a $121.46 claim.

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