Helpful tips to keep your California auto insurance premiums low

California Auto InsuranceThe two most common mars on a motorist’s driving record and that can cause California auto insurance to become more expensive than it needs to be are tickets and at-fault accidents.

Though most drivers are worried about increases in premiums over time, there are many things that they can do to help to keep those costs as low as possible. This involves maintaining a driving record that is as spotless as possible, which is beneficial not only for keeping lowered insurance payments, but also to keep you, your passengers, and other road users much safer.

In this light, consider the following tips to keep your California auto insurance rates down, so that you’ll find more money in your own pocket at the end of every month:

• Drive slowly and with awareness – the most common causes of tickets and accidents are drivers that are not paying attention, that are distracted, or that are rushing.

When you drive like you’re in a hurry (whether or not the rush is actually justified) or when you are using electronic devices, you’re more likely to: speed, follow other vehicles too closely, run a red light or stop sign, fail to signal, or make illegal turns. Though these tickets may seem minor, they can cause insurance rates to skyrocket; especially if there is more than one.

• Never drink and drive – a conviction of impaired driving is very serious and will put a significant scar onto your driving record. Furthermore, it will not only make auto insurance more difficult to obtain, but it will make it significantly more expensive when you do find an insurer to cover you. This becomes much worse when there are other marks on the driving record, such as speeding tickets.

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