Pennsylvania district judge rules against the Affordable Care Act

News on Healthcare ReformLast year’s Affordable Care Act continues to be a point of contention for many of the nation’s legislators. One provision of the controversial act has generated more opposition than others – that is the provision that makes health insurance mandatory for every citizen of the U.S. Those opposing the overarching health care reform call the measure unconstitutional as it imposes, what they call, an unfair requirement on citizens that may be unable to pay for health insurance. The provision has garnered even more opposition for levying strict repercussions against those that do not purchase insurance coverage. Because of this provision, the Affordable Care Act has been struck down in several states as being unconstitutional.

Pennsylvania is the latest state to join the stand against the federal health care reform. Federal District Judge Christopher C. Conner ruled that the mandate for health insurance outlined in the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and exceeds the governing power allotted to Congress and the president. Connor noted that the nation is in need of health care reform, but punishing individuals for their inability to afford health insurance is a failing of government.

While Connor rejects the notion that the health care law is sending the nation spiraling toward socialism, he does believe that the nation will be faced with a massive crisis if the problems with the health care system cannot be resolved soon.

As more nations reject the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court is likely to take up the issue in the future.

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