Mississippi agency offers advice concerning homeowners insurance following recent storms

flood homeowners insurance rates

Storms have damaged properties in some parts of the state

Recent storms in Mississippi have caused problems for many homeowners, who have seen their properties damaged by the storms. The Mississippi Department of Insurance is urging those affected by these storms to file homeowners insurance claims as soon as possible. The organization is also offering advice concerning the claims filing process, and agency representatives are on hand to assist in filing claims to ensure that consumers are taken care of by their homeowners insurance providers.

Consumers are being encouraged to keep records of damage and any expenses they incur from repairs

When seeking assistance from the Department of Insurance, homeowners are being encouraged to have their insurance provider‘s name and policy number on hand as this will accelerate the claims process. Consumers are also being urged to keep all receipts for any expenses they incur from damage to their homes. Moreover, consumers are being warned to be careful when entering a damaged property, as there may be natural gas leaks present or exposed electrical wires. Those with homeowners insurance are also encouraged to take pictures of any damages that have occurred before they begin the repair process.

State agency warns consumers of fraudulent contractors

flood homeowners insurance ratesThe Mississippi Department of Insurance is also warning consumers to beware of fraudulent contractors, some of whom seek to take advantage of a natural disaster for personal gain. Hiring reputable contractors may ensure that consumers can avoid problems with their homeowners insurance policies. Notably, insurers may not be obligated to pay full reimbursement for tree and debris removal from a damaged property.

Homeowners insurance policies do not always offer protection against flood damage

Homeowners insurance policies do not typically provide coverage for flood damage. This type of coverage can only be acquired through the National Flood Insurance Program and many consumers do not have flood protection of any kind. Those that have experienced damage related to floods may face significant out-of-pocket costs. Recent storms have caused only modest flooding, but homeowners that have experienced damages are encouraged to get in contact with their insurance providers.

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