Mississippi agency offers advice concerning homeowners insurance following recent storms

flood homeowners insurance rates

Storms have damaged properties in some parts of the state Recent storms in Mississippi have caused problems for many homeowners, who have seen their properties damaged by the storms. The Mississippi Department of Insurance is urging those affected by these storms to file homeowners insurance claims as soon as possible. The organization is also offering advice concerning the claims filing process, and agency representatives are on hand to assist in filing claims to ensure that consumers are taken care of by their homeowners insurance providers. Consumers are being encouraged to…

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National Flood Insurance Program provides homeowners with helpful tips

national Flood Insurance program tips

In response to the flooding in Illinois and Missouri, the NFIP has offered advice with regards to what can be done. The National Flood Insurance Program has recently responded to the damaging flooding in Illinois and Missouri and, as a part of this effort, it has issued a list of tips to people who have been affected by the rising waters in order to provide them with recommendations with regards to what they should be doing both during and after the floods. Officials from NFIP want to improve education about…

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