Insurance jobs to become widely available in Ohio

Insurance Jobs

By the year 2020, it is estimated that the industry in the state will require another 26,000 workers.

Insurance JobsA recent news prediction has revealed that a large number of insurance jobs will be opening up in Ohio as the industry expands considerably between now and the year 2020.

This according to a career awareness programs that involves the participation of thirteen insurers.

This group, called Insuring Ohio Futures, expects that in just over a half decade, the industry within the state will require an additional 26,000 insurance jobs to be filled. According to the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Mary Taylor – who is also the Ohio Department of Insurance director – explained that “The insurance industry is an economic pillar for our state and meeting this need is critical to its strength moving forward.”

Several Ohio colleges have formed degree programs to help to train people for these insurance jobs.

This will help people to be able to receive the education that they need in order to be able to qualify for the types of positions that will be becoming readily available throughout the state over the next few years.

Among the institutions that are offering bachelor’s degree programs in fields for the insurance industry are Kent State University and the University of Cincinnati. That said, new programs are also being launched at other colleges, such as Ohio Northern University, later on this year.

This will help to make sure that there will be enough qualified individuals to be able to fill the positions as they became available. These jobs will be opening up in a number of different forms, from agents to other staff members in agencies, administration, claims taking, claims adjusting, customer service, as well as a number of others that will need varying degrees of training.

At the moment, there are 95,000 insurance jobs within the industry in Ohio. This places it in 7th place across the country in terms of the number of positions. It also means that there will be an increase of more than 25 percent in the number of jobs that will be available in the industry by the year 2020.

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