Insurance industry shows praise for Accenture technology

Accenture insurance industry

Accenture insurance industryAccenture receives high rating for the technology it provides to the insurance industry

Accenture, a global management consulting and technology services company, has received the highest possible rating from Gartner, a global market research firm, for the fifth consecutive year. Gartner has released the results of its “MarketScope for North American Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Management Modules” report, wherein Accenture’s Claim Components software won top marks from the firm. The software has proven valuable for much of the insurance industry in the U.S., especially as the interests of insurers begin to change due to fluctuations in the market.

Report highlights the shifting needs of insurers

Gartner notes that the insurance industry is beginning to place a high priority on consumer retention. As such, demand for comprehensive claims management modules has become quite strong. In order to be competitive in certain markets, insurers rely heavily on the emergent technology that is used in claim management modules. If these modules are not up to par with the demands of an insurer, it could impact the way that company does business.

Accenture software wins highest score from Gartner

Accenture continues to receive a strong ranking from Gartner due to its innovative technology and the value associated with its Claims Components software. The software is widely used throughout the insurance industry, especially in the property casualty sector. This is not the only technology that Accenture offers that has received strong ratings from Gartner. The company’s Duck Creek Policy Administration product has also received a “positive” rating from Gartner.

Insurance industry continues to adapt to changes in the US market

The insurance industry continues to shift as new trends emerge in the U.S. market. Natural disasters, for instance, have caused many insurance companies to re-evaluate the risks associated with doing business in certain parts of the country, with some of these insurers opting to pull out of dangerous markets. Ongoing financial turmoil is also putting strain on other parts of the insurance industry, causing companies to adjust their products in order to remain in the favor of consumers.

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