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iCapital Financial

When we founded iCapital Financial, we didn’t bank on our analysts or the market – we banked on our clients to get us to the top. We have always focused on fulfilling our clients’ needs and were recently awarded with the Best Customer Service Award 2018. That is according to you, our dear esteemed clients, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Here are just some of the factors that make us the best investment firm for you!

Personalized Service

We serve over 100,000 clients, and we know each client’s needs well. This is because we customize and personalize our services to suit our clients’ diverse preferences. We have a team of account managers who help clients take advantage of our investment and trading services. Each of our account managers is a professional in the finance industry, and they are passionate about guiding other traders. Our account managers will guide you through every aspect of our trading platform and keep you updated about significant developments that may affect your trading positions. 

Comprehensive Trading and Investment Services

We have listed over 1,000 CFDs and other financial instruments on all of our platforms. Some of our most popular trading and investment options include Forex pairs, stocks, indices, treasuries, commodities, and ETFs, among others. All of these options are open and accessible to our clients. As such, our clients never run out of trading opportunities in the various sectors of the industry. 

We have also been working on a flexible Blockchain platform and incorporating most of the major cryptocurrencies. As such, our clients can also trade and invest in lucrative cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherum.  

Flawless Analytics 

Above everything else, our clients appreciate our spot-on analysis and predictions. We go a step further than just providing our clients access to trading options; we also help them execute profitable trades. 

iCapital Financial is home to some of the best analysts in the industry. Our analysts work for the leading investment firms in the country and beyond. They are prolific contributors on major finance magazines, and some are commentators and analysts on major news networks, including CNN, The Telegraph, and Bloomberg. They are excellent researchers, and most of their predictions are usually spot-on. 

We also utilize cutting edge technology to stay a step ahead of the dynamic financial markets. For starters, we have a variety of web-based and mobile-based platforms that our clients use to access our services from anywhere in the world. Additionally, our software and algorithms are programmed to exploit any weaknesses in the market and identify risks. 

We also employ the best cyber security services to guarantee the safety of our clients’ investments and vital data. Our clients are assured 100% privacy and safety.  

Thank You!

We couldn’t have made it this far without your support, and we are glad to know that our efforts to satisfy all our clients’ needs have not gone unnoticed. Thank you! We promise to make our services better every day. 

Company details:
Luxembourg: +35228487455
UK: +442037695596
Headquarters: Tour La Porte ii, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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