Tina Fey Stars in Allstate Mayhem Ads with Dean Winters

Allstate Mayhem - St. Bernard Commercial - Allstate YouTube

The two ’30 Rock’ co-stars reunited in this celebrity studded insurance company campaign.

Allstate Mayhem has returned and in the latest ads, a new character has been added to the mix.

The Mayhem character has become a staple in the insurance company’s ads for almost 10 years.

Now, the Allstate Mayhem character, known for wreaking havoc in home and auto owners’ lives, has a new nemesis. Tina Fey has jumped into the insurance company’s ad campaign. This represents the first time one of the Mayhem campaigns has included a celebrity other than the title character.

Dean Winters plays the disaster making character and is usually the only celeb on screen during the ads. However, in the latest TV ads, Tina Fey – Winters’ former co-star on ’30 Rock’ – plays a character using Drivewise. The Drivewise product has been a part of Allstate’s offerings for the last nine years. It is a device and program that tracks a driver’s safe habits, offering perks such as insurance discounts when the policyholder proves to be a low risk behind the wheel.

Allstate Mayhem attempts to cause Fey’s character to get into a crash.

In one of the TV spots, for example, Winters plays the role of an energetic Saint Bernard puppy making every effort to be distracting to the driver. In another ad, Winters plays a mother-in-law issuing a running criticism the entire time the driver is trying to focus.

This reunion is quite different from the on-screen relationship Winters and Fey played on ’30 Rock’. On that popular sitcom, Winters played the role of one of Fey’s boyfriends.

“Unlike the previous decade of ads, for the first-time ever, Mayhem has met his match,” said Allstate’s first ever chief creative officer, David Hernandez. Hernandez took his new role at Allstate a few months ago, after leaving his position at Ogilvy.

This new series of Allstate Mayhem ads differs from the campaigns the insurance company ran in the past as it has paired up the havoc-wreaking character with another celeb. Until now, Mayhem had be left to his own devices. However, the new advertising focuses on the way that drivers can use Drivewise show how they overcome those distractions and problems while behind the wheel and save money by doing it.

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