Florida’s DeSantis wants to ‘supersede” ACA with new health care plan

Health care - Florida New Plan alternative to ACA

The state governor seeking Republican nomination for president didn’t provide replacement plan details.

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described his intentions to unveil a health care proposal this week that would “supersede” the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

No further details were given about the specifics about the plan or what would be done with the ACA.

That said, DeSantis never specifically said that his intention was to repeal the Affordable Care Act. That said, the Republican nominee hopeful did explain that he intended to propose a strategy that would cut health care costs while maintaining the guaranteed coverage available for individuals with preexisting conditions.

Health care - Florida - Cut Costs

“We want to make sure we have as many people covered as possible at the lowest possible price,” said DeSantis.

The Affordable Care Act has become an important issue for the Florida governor, as the state was the country’s leader in enrollment for health care coverage in January. Over 3.4 million people in the state enrolled in plans through the ACA for 2023, representing one in five of the national total.

The county with the largest ACA health care plan enrollment for 2023 was Miami-Dade.

According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Miami-Dade County led the country for the most people enrolling for coverage through the Affordable Care Act, with just under 750,000 people having selected a plan from the marketplace.

The open enrollment period for 2024 is already taking place. Trends already suggest that Floridians will be shopping for coverage on the ACA marketplace again this year.

According to DeSantis, his strategy intends to look at the way the government, insurers and pharmaceutical companies inflate prices so that he can reduce costs.

“More transparency. More consumer choice. More affordable options. Less red tape. Less bureaucracy weighing everybody down,” said DeSantis about his plan, which he said would be unveiled this week. That said, for those seeking details there will still be a wait. He explained that he did not intend to provide details until any earlier than the spring of next year. Many have speculated that he is likely waiting until after the March 19 Florida presidential primary.

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