Florida home insurance companies were warned by regulators about Hurricane Idalia

Home insurance - Hurricane Ahead - Warning

New laws in the state provide some accountability toward insurers, but consumers are also limited. Based on the massive number of complaints filed by Florida home insurance customers following Hurricane Ian, regulators warned insurers that they would not be allowing the same situation to develop following Hurricane Idalia. Regulators received complaints about insurers from nearly 8,000 victims of Hurricane Ian. As a result, following the destruction left by Hurricane Idalia, state regulators warned home insurance companies of possible punishment if claims were not properly managed. “We’re gonna be watching,” said…

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Florida home insurance prices heading as much as 60% higher

Florida home insurance - Home - Price - Dollar Signs

As state lawmakers scramble to get the industry under control, consumers will be paying more. The Florida home insurance industry has been in a dire situation for some time now, and even as lawmakers implement strategies to help, the situation is only getting more expensive for the state’s property owners. Last year, state lawmakers held two special sessions to deal with the serious property coverage problems. According to many of those lawmakers, the Florida home insurance situation isn’t getting better, as the goal right now is to simply try to…

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Florida Senate attempts another bill to eliminate no-fault auto insurance system

No-fault auto insurance - People after car crash

The system has been plaguing the state and is blamed for keeping rates among the highest in the US. The Florida Senate recently introduced a new bill in an attempt once again to take down the no-fault auto insurance system in the state. The required coverage means that drivers must use their own policy when accident claims are made. In addition to the mandatory no-fault auto insurance coverage, drivers must also carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection coverage. Though the system was developed to help eliminate a…

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Florida to pay up to $5M in insurance deductibles for hurricane victims

Insurance deductibles - hurricane damage

Low- and moderate-income families most affected by Hurricane Ian may qualify for this support. The Florida Housing Finance Corporation is offering $5 million to help pay the insurance deductibles of low- and moderate-income victims of Hurricane Ian, announced Governor Ron DeSantis. The money is meant to help those families to cover the out-of-pocket portion of their home coverage. The corporation functions as the housing finance agency in the state and receives funding from the state for the SHIP program (State Housing Initiatives Partnership). There is $5 million reserved for use…

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Governor DeSantis signs overhaul of Florida homeowners insurance law

Florida homeowners insurance - Homes in Florida

Insurers are hopeful that this could help to ease losses but say more changes are still needed. Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a Florida homeowners insurance overhaul into law. This will change many of the regulations regarding property coverage. Starting in July, the state will launch efforts to halt contractors pushing policyholders to add repairs. The legislation is meant to help stop contractors from pressuring policyholders from approving unnecessary repairs that will then be charged to Florida homeowners insurance companies. Moreover, it will also limit the capacity of adjustors to…

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