Florida Senate approves ambitious health insurance plan

Florida health insurance

Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange has received approval from the Senate

The Florida Senate has approved a health insurance plan that could expand insurance coverage to a greater number of people. The plan is called the Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange, and involves providing those without insurance, and the underinsured, with coverage if they qualify for the program’s services. The state’s Senate approved of the plan this week, but it still faces significant opposition as it moves on to the Florida House of Representatives.

Changes to the plan ease the concerns of opponents

One of the reasons the plan has been approved despite opposition is because of several last-minute changes that were made to the plan by the Senate. These changes allayed the concerns coming from the plan’s opponents, but these lawmakers still see significant issues with the plan that could be a problem for the state. Governor Rick Scott is among these opponents, who has long stood against expansion of the state’s Medicaid system. The Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange is meant to serve in much the same way Medicaid does, but is not actually an expansion of the Medicaid program.

Not all consumers will qualify for insurance coverage through the plan

Florida health insuranceThose who want to receive coverage through the plan will have to prove that they lack insurance coverage. They must also prove that they are currently employed or actively seeking employment. Those that are attending school, disabled, or caring for disabled relatives will also qualify for the program. Those that do not qualify may be able to find coverage elsewhere, but this coverage may be more expensive and, as such, unattractive to consumers.

Some lawmakers believe that the insurance plan will fail to pass the legislative process

The plan still faces significant resistance among lawmakers. There is no guarantee that it will be approved, even as changes are made to account for the concerns of some legislators. If the plan fails, it may still take form with the support of the federal government. Opponents suggest that it would place a significant degree of strain on the state’s budget, which may be problematic in the future.

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