New legislation could have an impact on health insurance for public workers in Wisconsin

workers employer health insurance

Governor Walker signs new legislation to provide budget committee with greater oversight Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed new legislation that will allow the state’s Legislature’s budget committee to have oversight over any contract that will move public health workers into a self-insurance system. A self-insurance system is one in which an employer assumes the financial risks associated with providing health insurance coverage to workers. Such systems are relatively popular among businesses in the United States, especially in the public sector. New legislation may have an impact on 240,000 public…

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Florida Senate approves ambitious health insurance plan

Florida health insurance

Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange has received approval from the Senate The Florida Senate has approved a health insurance plan that could expand insurance coverage to a greater number of people. The plan is called the Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange, and involves providing those without insurance, and the underinsured, with coverage if they qualify for the program’s services. The state’s Senate approved of the plan this week, but it still faces significant opposition as it moves on to the Florida House of Representatives. Changes to the plan ease the…

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Insurance coverage cessation proposal for cities and schools proposed by Gov. Scott Walker

School Insurance System Needs Overhaul

If the Wisconsin governor’s motion goes ahead, it would mean that private insurers would be required for plans. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has recently proposed a provision that would eliminate the state managed property insurance coverage, and that would require local governments and school districts to have to create their own funds or to look to private insurers if the provision is adopted by the Legislature. The current fund provides coverage for $52 billion worth of property, with an annual premium of over $27 million. The insurance coverage that…

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166,000 people in Wisconsin purchase health insurance coverage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker health insurance

State information shows that more people are purchasing insurance coverage Wisconsin’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has released information concerning the number of people that have acquired health insurance coverage as of June 1 of this year. The state’s Governor, Scott Walker, intends to cut the number of uninsured people throughout Wisconsin in half within the foreseeable future. According to state officials, the number of uninsured people in the state as of March of this year stood at 556,000. Majority of those that have purchased coverage have done so…

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Health insurance exchanges set for turbulent future

Health Insurance premiums rise

Health insurance continues to be a hot topic in the US Health insurance in the U.S. is a hot topic and more attention is being driven to the issue as exchange systems begin to take form in many states. These exchanges are meant to serve as online marketplaces where consumers can find affordable health insurance coverage. There has been a great deal of controversy concerning whether these exchanges will be able to accomplish this task or not, and executives of large health insurance companies are now warning that forming exchanges…

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Wisconsin to return federal money meant for insurance exchange

Governor awaits the fate of the Affordable Care Act to continue work on the project – Wisconsin decided this week to return federal money that would have helped the state establish its own health insurance exchange. The state had been given more than $38 million in federal grants for the project last year. Since then, legislators have been working on how to establish and exchange and whether or not one would actually exist in the state. Governor Scott Walker has been an opponent of the federal Affordable Care Act, the…

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Drivers see lower auto insurance minimums in Wisconsin

A debate has begun in Wisconsin regarding the value of a new law that will allow drivers to save money with  lower limits of  liability coverage for their auto insurance. Drivers will now be able to ask themselves whether or not it will be worth their while to lower their premiums as the minimum auto insurance requirement has been decreased throughout the state. However, many people are hesitating to rush for that initial savings. The reason for this lower minimum is that earlier in 2011, a bill was signed by Governor Scott Walker…

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