166,000 people in Wisconsin purchase health insurance coverage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker health insurance

State information shows that more people are purchasing insurance coverage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker health insuranceWisconsin’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has released information concerning the number of people that have acquired health insurance coverage as of June 1 of this year. The state’s Governor, Scott Walker, intends to cut the number of uninsured people throughout Wisconsin in half within the foreseeable future. According to state officials, the number of uninsured people in the state as of March of this year stood at 556,000.

Majority of those that have purchased coverage have done so through the state’s insurance exchange

Some 166,000 Wisconsin residents have purchased health insurance over the past several months, according to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Of these, some 134,000 people purchased coverage from the state’s health insurance exchange. The exchange is managed by the federal government and, like other such exchanges, experienced significant technical difficulties in its early days. These technical difficulties made it nearly impossible for many people to purchase coverage through the exchange, but many of these issues were fixed in the months following the beginning of the exchange’s open enrollment period.

63,000 people have lost their old policies due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act

Information released by the Wisconsin Office of the Insurance Commissioner also shows that some 19,000 people have signed up for Medicaid coverage, taking advantage of the state’s expansion of its health care program. Approximately 63,000 people throughout the state lost their health insurance coverage due to provisions of the Affordable Care Act that forced  policies that did not comply with federal standards to expire.

Open enrollment period for state’s exchange will begin in November of this year

The Wisconsin health insurance exchange will have another open enrollment period in November. During this period, those seeking insurance coverage can purchase relatively inexpensive policies through the exchange. Some of these policies may be growing more expensive in the coming year, but are typically less costly than those found in the private market. Some of those seeking coverage through the exchange may be eligible for subsidies from the federal government that are meant to offset the overall cost of health insurance coverage.

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