Florida lawmakers attempting to compromise over reforms to PIP

PIP Auto InsuranceThe Florida legislature is facing a debate over to strikingly different proposals that have been made to reform the no-fault auto insurance system in the state – also known as personal injury protection (PIP) – but the top lawmakers are hoping that it will be possible to reach a compromise.

One of the primary issues of this legislative session – the extensive auto insurance fraud experienced in the state – was temporarily derailed by massage therapists who had been lobbying the topic.

On Tuesday, the Senate Budget Committee held off the discussion regarding a measure for reforming PIP by swamping the debate with a number of different amendments that would reinstate massage therapy and acupuncture among the various forms of treatment that are included within the system. However, those amendments failed to pass.

The Senate sponsor of the legislation, Senator Joe Negron (R-Stuart), stated that he was contrary to permitting those therapists back into the PIP system, but was still open to discussion about the topic – even if that meant that there would not be a vote taken on the bill. The issue was brought back up again by the committee at a special meeting on Wednesday.

According to Negron, “I applaud Chairman [JD] Alexander for making sure we have enough time to hear everybody’s point of view.” He added that he is quite pleased with the way that things are proceeding.

If the Senate is able to agree to changes to PIP and give their approval, it will still be required to find some compromise with the House, as that chamber has a different opinion on how the system should be repaired.

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