Auto insurance rates are on the rise for Michigan drivers

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The no fault coverage for the motorists across the state is about to become more expensive. The latest reports from Michigan have shown that the cost of auto insurance per vehicle will be increasing by 6 percent, to an average of $186 percent for coverage of injuries resulting from crashes. The increases are expected to be put into place by July 1, said an industry board. The announcement of the new higher fee was made by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). At the moment, the cost of the coverage…

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Auto insurance law in Florida designed to beat fraudsters

Unemployment Insurance

New PIP regulations takes aim at reducing fraud and keeping rates under control. The Florida legislature has now made amendments to its auto insurance personal injury protection (PIP) benefits for drivers in the state, eliminating certain types of medical treatment coverage, such as acupuncture and massage. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill that is designed to reduce the fraud in the state. Bogus auto insurance claims are spiraling out of control in Florida, causing premiums to skyrocket. Though proponents of the bill are seeing this as a victory against those…

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Florida passes new PIP reform bill that will is expected to reduce auto insurance fraud in the state

Florida Governor Rick Scott is claiming a major victory on behalf of the state’s citizens this week. The state Senate has passed legislation that will reform the state’s troublesome personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance system. The system has been wrought with fraud for several years, becoming much worse over the past two. Legislators supporting reform claim that this fraud was causing auto insurers to raise rates on coverage at alarming speed. The new legislation seeks to remedy the problem. The legislation that was passed by the Senate is House…

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Florida lawmakers attempting to compromise over reforms to PIP

The Florida legislature is facing a debate over to strikingly different proposals that have been made to reform the no-fault auto insurance system in the state – also known as personal injury protection (PIP) – but the top lawmakers are hoping that it will be possible to reach a compromise. One of the primary issues of this legislative session – the extensive auto insurance fraud experienced in the state – was temporarily derailed by massage therapists who had been lobbying the topic. On Tuesday, the Senate Budget Committee held off…

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Florida legislators come face to face with staged accidents

Florida continues to lead the U.S. in auto insurance fraud, a fact that state lawmakers have been working to change. Staged auto accidents are presenting the state, and its insurance industry, with significant problems. Those abusing the state’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system, which provides drivers with no-fault auto insurance policies, cause insurers to raise rates on coverage in an effort to recovery from losses. Thus far, Florida legislators have been divided on how to solve the problem. That is until they were shown how easy it was for drivers…

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