Federal health insurance exchange enrollment tally passes 1.1 million

Health Insurance exchange

A massive surge of signups in December and the improved website have brought the marketplace’s numbers up.

When the federal health insurance exchange finally got its website up and running smoothly at the end of November, it opened the door for Americans to finally be able to sign up for the plans that they needed in order to comply with the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, and the people came in droves to do just that.

The Obama Administration has revealed that the site has now enrolled 1.1 million people.

federal Health Insurance exchangeThis surge in numbers reflects a brand new and much better life for the federal health insurance exchange website that had struggled so desperately when it first opened on October 1.Among the 1.1 million people that have now signed up through the site, nearly 1 million of them did so during the month of December. Moreover, the vast majority of the people who signed up in December did so in the days that were immediately before the deadline just ahead of Christmas.

That was the federal health insurance exchange deadline for coverage that would begin January 1.

Comparatively speaking, in October, there were only 27,000 people who were able to enroll, and although there were far more in November – an estimated 137,000 people – who signed up, it didn’t come anywhere close to December’s totals. That said, those totals are only a small piece of the story. The update regarding the figures for 14 individual state exchanges have yet to be released for December. This will help to tell a more complete story.

For example, while New York, California, Kentucky, Washington, and Connecticut have all been reporting that they have been doing very well, other states have continued to face notable struggles. Still, the figures for the end of the year have indicated that the federal site is indeed up and running much better than it was for the first two thirds of its existence. That market serves the vast majority of the states – 36 in total – and is finally working as it should be. This data is welcome news to supporters of the federal health insurance exchange, as the law becomes a “reality” for many Americans with the start of the year.

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