Federal health insurance exchange enrollment tally passes 1.1 million

Health Insurance exchange

A massive surge of signups in December and the improved website have brought the marketplace’s numbers up. When the federal health insurance exchange finally got its website up and running smoothly at the end of November, it opened the door for Americans to finally be able to sign up for the plans that they needed in order to comply with the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, and the people came in droves to do just that. The Obama Administration has revealed that the site has now enrolled 1.1…

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Affordable Care Act may not be the cause of rising health insurance costs

Health Insurance News

Research discovers that federal law may not be causing premium spikes It has become common for the Affordable Care Act to be blamed for rising health insurance costs in the U.S., but the federal law may not actually be the problem. According to a new analysis from the Commonwealth Fund, an organization that conducts independent research on health policy, the Affordable Care Act actually has a relatively modest impact on insurance costs. The organization has analyzed the reasons that insurance companies provide to regulators when they are seeking rate increases…

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Health insurance website is the focus of new federal push

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Now that the HealthCare.gov site has been redone and is working, it is the center of a new campaign. As of yesterday, the Obama administration has launched a brand new campaign to promote the use and the benefits of the health insurance website that has now been repaired after a very difficult first couple of months, and to underscore the advantages of the president’s signature healthcare reforms. The new push is aimed to put the technical problems and cancelled policies in the past. This new campaign for the federal health…

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Health insurance law secured by Obama victory, but states still in control

President Barack Obama health insurance

The survival of the healthcare reforms may have been ensured, but each state will have a say. The re-election of President Barack Obama has been a major step to keep the federal health insurance reforms in place, but it will still be up to the states to decide how those laws will be carried out. The officials from predominantly Republican states will still have an important say. The reforms to the healthcare systems give state lawmakers the control over whether or not millions of people without coverage will be able…

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