Drivers are reminded of the importance of a tire pressure gauge over a TPMS

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge ways to save money

The tire pressure monitoring system only warns consumers to dangerously low inflation levels.

Due to the fact that many recent models of vehicles now include an inflation warning system among standard features, drivers are often forgetting the importance of using a tire pressure gauge and this decision could be costing them.

For this reason, drivers are being reminded of the actual purpose of the TPMS and of pressure gauges.

Mogix Electronics has joined in with law enforcement as well as the auto and insurance industries, to remind drivers that the tire pressure monitoring system is not only meant to caution them only when inflation is dangerously low, but it is also not infallible. Instead, it is recommended that a good quality digital tire pressure gauge be used on all four tires at least once per month in order to ensure proper and safe inflation.

The use of a tire pressure gauge helps to keep the vehicle running at its best and saves thousands of dollars.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge ways to save moneyWhen good quality tire pressure gadgets are used on a regular basis, it saves drivers hundreds of dollars per year, or thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. This is because it can provide approximately 25 percent more lifespan on all tires, while decreasing fuel consumption by an average of 3 percent. This means that tires last considerably longer before having to be replaced, and every trip to the pump hands 3 cents back for every dollar spent. That adds up extremely fast, in a way that the average bank account would actually notice.

The automotive and insurance industries have been pointing out to consumers that a tire pressure monitoring system is a fantastic safety feature to ensure that if a tire suddenly reaches a dangerously deflated level, the driver will be warned so he and she can pull over immediately. However, there is a great deal of deflation that can occur before that point that will impact the lifespan of the tires, the fuel consumption, and the handling of the vehicle.

Using a digital tire pressure gauge takes only a few seconds per tire. The entire process can easily be completed in a couple of minutes without any other knowledge of vehicle maintenance and can make a considerable difference in the driver’s safety and savings.

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