How a tire gauge and other tools help you to avoid disaster

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A surprising number of crashes and accidents can be prevented with very small road safety efforts. Many drivers fall into the routine of heading out the door and down the street every day, to the point that they have all but forgotten about using their tire gauge and other simple tools on a regular basis in order to help to prevent some extremely avoidable emergency situations. Drivers aren’t necessarily careless or risk-takers but are pressed for time and don’t realize the importance of 2 minute efforts. Tire failure is far…

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Drivers are reminded of the importance of a tire pressure gauge over a TPMS

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge ways to save money

The tire pressure monitoring system only warns consumers to dangerously low inflation levels. Due to the fact that many recent models of vehicles now include an inflation warning system among standard features, drivers are often forgetting the importance of using a tire pressure gauge and this decision could be costing them. For this reason, drivers are being reminded of the actual purpose of the TPMS and of pressure gauges. Mogix Electronics has joined in with law enforcement as well as the auto and insurance industries, to remind drivers that the…

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Insurance industry tips to keep auto costs down

mechanic auto insurance industry maintenance

There are many things that a driver can do to lower the risk of making a claim through basic maintenance. Owning a car isn’t cheap, but the insurance industry has pointed out that there are a number of ways that the costs associated with vehicle ownership can be kept down to a more affordable level, as long as a bit of basic maintenance is kept up. Many types of DIY activity can help a vehicle to run better and cheaper and lowers the risk of a collision. As the insurance…

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