An air pressure check can help you to be ready for springtime weather changes

Car tires on winter road air pressure check

When spring comes along, it’s easy to think that the worst driving is over, but this season is unpredictable. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference, just as an air pressure check to your tires can have a very big impact on your ability to control your vehicle even throughout the rapid changes in temperature and road conditions in the springtime. We may think of mild weather, light showers and singing birds, but weather fluctuates a lot in springtime. As winter begins to warm up, the snow,…

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A digital tire pressure gauge can boost vehicle control on wet roads

snow winter road safety ice auto insurance digital tire pressure gauge

When wet roads ice over, or when they are simply slick with water, proper tire inflation makes a difference. Accidents happen every day and when drivers fail to take the additional steps to maintain their vehicles, such as skipping the use of a digital tire pressure gauge that would check their inflation, they place themselves at an increase risk of experiencing a crash. This problem only gets worse in the winter and spring when the roads are icy, wet and slippery. Whether you live in a place where the roads…

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Drivers must winterize their vehicles from roof to tire

bigstock Car tires on winter road 103356746

Winter is definitely here and preparing your car to head out into it is better done late than never. The snowy weather is certainly upon a large amount of the country and while it is best to winterize everything – from each tire to the windshield and interior of the vehicle – well in advance of the cold weather, it’s better done late than never at all. When the thermometer mercury falls, the roads and a vehicle’s performance will change dramatically. Drivers who keep their vehicles (and driving habits) winterized…

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Drivers are reminded of the importance of a tire pressure gauge over a TPMS

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge ways to save money

The tire pressure monitoring system only warns consumers to dangerously low inflation levels. Due to the fact that many recent models of vehicles now include an inflation warning system among standard features, drivers are often forgetting the importance of using a tire pressure gauge and this decision could be costing them. For this reason, drivers are being reminded of the actual purpose of the TPMS and of pressure gauges. Mogix Electronics has joined in with law enforcement as well as the auto and insurance industries, to remind drivers that the…

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