California climate change conference discusses issues and economic impact on insurance industry as well others

California Governor Jerry BrownThe long awaited climate conference was launched by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, where he made a strong attack on the Republican party, libertarians, and other groups that refuse to believe that we are in a period of climate change and that this will increase the number of risks to which Californians are exposed.

There were approximately 250 leaders for business and energy policy who were present at Brown’s “Extreme Climate Risks and California’s Future” conference, which lasted a day and was held in San Francisco at the California Academy of Sciences. The main focus of the conference was how the state, its business, individuals, and the California insurance industry can prepare for the human and economic effects of climate change.

Brown included statements in his opening remarks that tore into Republicans in Congress for their lack of action toward legislation regarding national climate change. He stated that there is a full political party that is based on a foundation of complete denial.

He added that they can deny the situation as much as they want, but it will not alter the fact that the quantity of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is growing. Brown said that the primary issue that needs to be addressed “in climate change is the skepticism, the denial and the cultlike behavior of the political lemmings that would take us over the cliff.”

Climate change is already affecting California, with a greater amount of rain than snow in the state, and a faster melt of the existing snow, so that the levee system in the state experiences greater pressure. Furthermore, there are a growing number of days that reach “extreme heat” temperatures and a decreasing number of “extreme cold” days.

This impacts the health of the elderly, the very young, farm workers, and other segments of the population that are at greater vulnerability.

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