State Farm Releases Non-Renewal Numbers Amid California’s Deepening Home Insurance Crisis

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State Farm “Restructures” California Portfolio The company made it official, in a move to ensure the financial health of its operations within California, State Farm General Insurance Company is set to scale back its insurance offerings in the state. With an estimated 72,000 policies facing non-renewal, customers across California are poised to feel the pinch as they seek alternative coverage solutions. Starting July 3, 2024, State Farm General will cease renewing approximately 30,000 homeowners, rental dwelling, residential community association, and business owners policies, citing the necessity to sustain adequate claims-paying…

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California insurance market third largest in the world

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The state’s insurers collect $332 billion in premiums every year, said the commissioner. The California insurance market now has an annual premium volume higher than ever before. The volume has now reached $332 billion, said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. This figure brings the state to the position of being the third largest market in the world. The California insurance market is the largest in the United States. That said, while that figure from the California Department of Insurance (CDI) does sound impressive, knowing what that represents on a global scale…

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Senator Feinstein announces her support for rate controls in health insurance

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, San Francisco) has announced that she has placed her support behind a controversial ballot measure that would give state insurance regulators the authority to approve California health coverage rates. As one of the most highly respected politicians in California, the support by Feinstein – who is now the chief spokesperson and head booster of the initiative – this high-stakes move suddenly has a great deal more weight behind it. This initiative is designed to provide effective regulation over increases in health premiums. According to an…

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California trade groups and insurance regulators settle two Iran divestiture

California insurance regulators and trade groups have come to a settlement over two suits regarding efforts that were being made to put pressure on insurance companies to stop their investments into organizations that took part in nuclear, defense, or energy-related work in Iran. The announcement was first made at the end of Friday by Dave Jones, the Insurance Commissioner in California. The lawsuits had to do with a controversial initiative started in 2009 by Steve Poizner, the previous California Insurance Commissioner, which threatened insurers with penalties and publication when they…

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California climate change conference discusses issues and economic impact on insurance industry as well others

The long awaited climate conference was launched by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, where he made a strong attack on the Republican party, libertarians, and other groups that refuse to believe that we are in a period of climate change and that this will increase the number of risks to which Californians are exposed. There were approximately 250 leaders for business and energy policy who were present at Brown’s “Extreme Climate Risks and California’s Future” conference, which lasted a day and was held in San Francisco at the California Academy of…

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