The best tire gauge is one of the top lines of defense against El Niño effect on driving

Inflate tires best tire gauge

Recent research has found that driving conditions and behaviors change with El Niño.

It’s no secret that changing weather patterns can make road conditions easier or harder to contend with but it was recently revealed in a Gauge Index survey by Hankook Tire America Corp. that people with the best tire gauge and who used it were among those best ready to contend with what El Niño would throw at them.

The report looked into the various different types of American driving behaviors and the way the weather changed them.

The Hankook quarterly index determined that among Northeasterners, 32 percent would get going 15 minutes earlier in the morning when there had been snow. The goal was to give themselves the extra time they needed to dig themselves out and to warm up their cars. That said, among drivers in the Midwest – many of whom experienced similar winter weather conditions – behaved differently from their Northeastern counterparts, as only 22 percent would give themselves 15 minutes of extra time. That said, Hankook also found that the best tire gauge was one of the top tools for winter road safety.

It found that visibility wasn’t as important to drivers as being properly equipped such as with the best tire gauge.

Inflate tires best tire gaugeThe index reported that 56 percent of Americans felt that if they were likely to experience skidding on the road, they would stay home instead of going out onto the roads. However, 30 percent said they would stay off the roads if there were reports that visibility was reduced. This indicates that being able to see the road isn’t as important to driver perception of safety as having the right tools to keep themselves from losing control of the vehicle itself.

Furthermore, 52 percent of Americans stated that they felt that good tire tread depth was the most vital feature for a car in snow or rain. In terms of tools, a tread depth gauge would be critical for ensuring that things are as they should be. The report also indicated that 30 percent of drivers feel that working windshield wipers are the most important feature in rainy or snowy weather.

The outcome of the Quarterly Gauge Index as a whole provided considerable insight into the way Americans looked at the winter weather they had been facing, including the best tire gauge, tread depth gauge and other tools they were using to be sure they were ready for it.

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